Kick your rate up a notch to 2.42% APY*!

The 2 Step Certificate of Deposit adds an extra boost to your CD rate to make it our most competitive yet at 2.42% APY*. If our 24-month APY* is bigger, step your rate up! If it happens again, give your rate another boost. Don't get locked in to one CD rate. Step up not once, but twice with our 2 Step CD.

Here's How the 2 Step CD Works:

  1. Start with our great base rate of 2.42% APY*.

  2. 22-month term.

  3. Step up once if our 24-month APY is greater.

  4. Step up TWICE if it happens again!

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APYs accurate as of 7/3/2018. APY assumes principal and interest remain on deposit for term of the certificate. The Equity Bank Two-Step CD is a 22-month certificate of deposit with starting Annual Percentage Yield specific to each Equity Bank region, plus customer privilege to request rate “step-up.” Upon request, rate will “step up” to currently paid rate for standard 24-month time deposit published on Equity Bank’s CD rate sheet in your market. Minimum balance required to open Two-Step CD is $1,000. CD will automatically renew at maturity date as standard 24-month CD. Step-up option does not carry forward past initial maturity. Penalty applies for early withdrawal. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. Limited time offer and may be canceled without notice.

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The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service (CDARS) is the easiest, most convenient way to consolidate your Certificate of Deposit (CD) investments and enjoy full FDIC insurance on deposit amounts larger than $250,000. Equity Bank will always handle your money. In some instances, we may make the strategic decision to break large deposits into smaller amounts for placement with other banks that are a part of our trusted network. You’ll earn one rate on your entire investment and receive one regular statement.


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