Debit Card FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Your New, Improved Equity Bank Debit Card

On November 11, 2013, Equity Bank will convert all debit cards and ATM cards to the Shazam card processing platform.

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Why the change?

We're committed to providing the best and most convenient ATM and debit card experience for our customers. We're excited to announce that all customers will now enjoy no fees on ATM transactions nationwide!

No fees? Really?

That's correct! We won't charge you a fee for using other banks' ATMs, and while you may be asked to accept another bank's fee at the ATM, we'll make sure you don't see that fee on your account.

How do I make sure to avoid the fee at the ATM?

It's easy! Just click "Accept" when the machine asks you to accept the surcharge, and proceed with the withdrawal. Don't worry–no additional money will be included in the amount withdrawn–and you will not see any ATM surcharges on your end-of-month statement.

What will happen to my existing debit card or ATM card and PIN?

Your debit cards, ATM cards and PINs will not change.

My ATM receipt shows a "ledger balance" and "available balance". Is this normal?

Yes. As part of the changeover to Shazam, your receipt will now show two balances. Please keep in mind, your "available balance" includes funds available to you after your ATM transaction, and may not include outstanding checks or electronic items.

I'm still using a First Community Bank debit card. Will I receive a new card?

Please continue using your First Community Bank debit card or FCB ATM card. When the card expires, you will receive a new card with the Equity Bank logo.

Will my daily card limits change?

Yes, they will increase. Beginning November 11, daily card limits will increase for all Equity Bank debit cards:

  • ATM cards: $500 ATM withdrawal limit, $100 point-of-sale limit.
  • Standard/All Access debit cards: $500 ATM withdrawal limit, $2500 point-of-sale limit.
  • Private Banking Debit Card: $1000 ATM withdrawal limit, $3000 point of sale limit.

What will happen to bills I automatically pay with my debit or ATM card?

Because there are no changes to the card numbers, expiration dates, or information tied to the cards, your bills will continue to be paid as scheduled. There is no need to notify any merchants due to this change.

I tried to use my card for an online purchase on November 11 and it did not work. What may have happened?

There is one minor inconvenience that may occur with our debit-card change. It is possible that the Shazam network may not recognize your Internet, online, or manually keyed purchase until you first use your debit card at an ATM or a debit card terminal. If an online purchase does not complete, do not be alarmed. Simply remember to use your card for a balance inquiry or withdrawal at an ATM, or a purchase at any store. Afterward, your card should work properly on all online purchases. Our customer service team at 888-733-5041 is available from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on November 11 specifically to assist debit-card users.

I previously had an All Access Debit Card with a $35 annual fee. Will this fee be charged?

We have discontinued this annual fee beginning with card orders in the month of September.

I had a card with my photo on it. Is this still an option?

There will be no changes to your photo card until the photo card is closed. We no longer offer the photo debit card, but we do offer Swipe With Style.

What is Swipe With Style?

Swipe With Style gives you the option to choose the background image on your card! When you order your new card from us, ask about Swipe With Style, and you'll get the chance to choose your card image, or upload your own. Replacement fees or card order fees may apply.

What do I do if I lose my debit or ATM card or if the card is stolen?

Please call Shazam directly in the event of a lost or stolen card:

(800) 383-8000.

What if my card doesn't work on November 11?

For your peace of mind, our Customer Service team will be available to assist you on November 11

from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Just call 1-888-733-5041

Is there anything else?

Nope! Enjoy your new, improved Equity Bank debit card and Equity Bank ATM card! Thank you for banking with Equity Bank!

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