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A sweep account provides greater interest earnings and reduced borrowings resulting from decreased idle balances. We make the most out of your funds by moving them into an interest bearing account overnight. The money is automatically deposited to your checking account the next morning, after spending the night earning interest.

  • Put your idle funds to work with a sweep account
  • Maximize investment balances
  • Increase profitability without adding work
  • Funds are swept into an interest-bearing account overnight
  • Funds are available the next day
  • Fully automated and secure

Products available:

  • Sweep Accounts
  • Repurchase Sweep*
  • Line of Credit Sweep*

*Not FDIC insured; backed by government securities.

**In event of bank failure, account will be swept & funds will be used to pay down the line of credit; remaining funds will be FDIC insured.