Treasury Management: Disbursement | Kansas City - Wichita, KS - Topeka, KS | Equity Bank


These services result in the payout and reduction of your cash resources, enhancing cash flow and efficiency. Save time with improved payment methods like ACH, wire transfers, direct payroll deduction, and payroll cards. Ask about these valuable services today.

  • Expedite all your payments
  • Pay vendors and suppliers quickly and conveniently
  • Reduce returned checks
  • Transfer funds from other institutions
  • Transfer money domestically and internationally
  • Deposit payroll automatically to employees' accounts
  • Reduce costly expense of paper checks
  • Simplify payroll process and save valuable employee time

Products available:

  • Sweep Accounts, Repurchase Sweep, Line of Credit Sweep
  • ACH:
  • Wire transfers
  • Direct payroll deduction
  • Payroll cards