Equity Bank - Andover, KS - Security Feature

Security Feature

Update: New security feature in online banking!

You may have noticed a change or two to your login process with Equity Bank online banking.

First, upon login page, you'll notice that your passphrase and photo are no longer displayed. To ensure your online banking session is secure, simply look at your address bar in your browser. Does the URL begin following a green bar, indicating page administration by Fiserv, Inc.? Then you are OK to proceed. Your accounts will continue to be protected through advanced device forensics, which seamlessly authenticate your computer and various devices.

Please rest assured that your account process is safe, sound, and secure, and this is intentional. Passphrases and photos are now hidden. This is done for your protection, often phishers and skimmers may lurk in the background, hoping to see your keystrokes or taps upon tablet.

Please keep in mind, we continue to update and test online banking procedures and controls with your protection in mind. As computing habits evolve, so does our security. Just remember, look for the green bar, and then proceed to log in. With any questions, please email us or call 1-888-773-5041. Thank you!