Equity Bank - Andover, KS - Debit Card Scam Alert

Debit Card Scam Alert

Reports surface of fraudulent phone calls to debit card users.

Please be aware this holiday season of phishers and scammers, and remain vigilant of your debit card. Recently, we've seen an increase in activity involving a debit card phishing scam.

Customers from multiple branches have received fraudulent, automated phone calls which request a customer to input his/her card number into the keypad. These calls typically claim that potentially fraudulent transactions have been presented against the account.

Once the customer has entered their card number, and other personally identifiable information such as social security number, the phishing software records this information, allowing an unauthorized party to use their account numbers to make purchases.

Please be advised that legitimate fraud prevention calls will be from a person, not an automated service. That person will never ask you to give them any personal information. The Equity Bank professional instead will attempt to verify the validity of the transactions in question.

We remain committed to the privacy and protection of your accounts, and provide notes like these as a precautionary measure. With questions, please contact us. If you believe that you have been the target of a phishing attempt, please contact an Equity Bank representative immediately.