Equity Bank - Andover, KS - Debit and Credit Card Security Breach

Debit and Credit Card Security Breach

Debit and Credit Card Security Breach

We've recently been made aware of a data breach affecting approximately 40 million credit and debit cards nationwide, used between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15 at Target retail stores around the country. This data breach did not affect online purchases made during that time, only in-store purchases.

Please note that when a merchant suffers a data breach like this, and if your card is affected, it does not mean you will see fraudulent activity on your account. It simply means that you shopped at the affected merchant during the time frame reported.

While we aren't certain if any, or how many, Equity Bank debit or credit cards are affected, we want to assure you that we take your account security very seriously. In the event we discover a card number was included in the data breach, we immediately lower the purchase limit on the card, order the customer a new card, and close the existing card.

We at Equity Bank are committed to the privacy and protection of your accounts, and provide this information to you as a precautionary measure.

We urge you to monitor your accounts, card activity and notify us immediately if you find any fraudulent charges. With questions or concerns, you may contact us using our secure web portal, or call us at (888) 733-5041. Outside of banking hours, you may also call our debit card partner, Shazam Card Services, directly 24/7 to report suspicious activity at (800) 383-8000.